Huckabee Tells RNC to Stop RINOing Each Other

Huckabee has criticized Tea Party activists and other conservative groups for attacking other Republicans as RINOs to suggest they are not committed to conservative principles.

He said the differences between Republicans are “minute” compared to those they have with Democrats.

“If you are with me 90, 80, even 70 percent of the time, you’re still 70 percent closer to me than I am to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama,” he said.

Before delivering his speech, Huckabee spoke to reporters about his possible campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

Huckabee, the runner-up in the 2008 GOP presidential primary, said he has received more calls to run in 2016 than he received in 2012 when he decided not to run because of personal reasons.

“The encouragement has been much stronger than I would have anticipated,” he said.