Howard Dean Says There's Another Obamacare Crisis Coming. It's Not the One You Think It Is.

Former VT Gov. Howard Dean appeared on Morning Joe earlier today and dropped a bombshell. Dean told the Obama faithful that there is another Obamacare crisis looming, even after the website gets fixed.

It's not sticker shock as Americans find out that they will be paying more for their health insurance than they were paying before Obamacare.

The segment leads off with NBC's David Gregory offering the Obama administration's point of view: "The White House says that what's key to making this successful is to get the risk pools right."

Dean countered, "David I know they say that. I've thought they were wrong from the beginning. This is the same consultants that put together Romneycare. They believe that.

"I don't believe it, and I don't believe it 'cause I've got 20 years of experience in making this work. So we can go into that another time. The bottom line though, is the next crisis here, assuming we get through all this, is the tax subsidies. Because it is gonna make the federal budget more expensive."

That's huge. Massive.