How Would the Democrats' Health Reform Change our Lives?

The White House and Congress have encountered a delay on the bullet train to passing health care legislation. This is a good thing. Our government has just proven that it cannot even purchase used cars, but it expects us to believe that it has a stranglehold on health care and its costs?

We citizens must understand what our elected are proposing and how it may change our lives. A massive federal intrusion into our private lives must be understood first and then accepted or rejected by the people.

If this unheralded governmental expansion occurs we will have monumental adjusting to do. Despite the claims made by proponents, rationing will, by necessity, occur. Long waits for specialists and treatments denied by our government because they are too expensive will become commonplace. Acceptable care will be decided by a government panel and not by you and your physician.

There will be physician shortages. There will be wider use of  “physician extenders” and doctors will become managers of multiple mid-level providers. It is likely you won’t see or have the physician responsible for your care and treatment decisions examine you.

As the government sets price controls on drugs, devices, and treatments, research and development in health care will come to a standstill. Companies that cannot recoup their investments in these areas will not make them. Our government, through political favor, lobbying, and the latest cause celebre, will decide the areas of medicine deemed important to research.

We cannot tax, deny, control, penalize, and regulate our way to greatness in health care. That isn’t freedom. That isn’t American. The United States stands as a shining symbol to the rest of the world because of the different way we do things. Our health care should be no different. Our superiority in treatment is already recognized. We have all heard stories of the world’s wealthiest traveling to our country when they need the best care available. Presidents, premiers, and prime ministers have done the same.