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How to Stop the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque

Secrecy surrounding the land purchase and construction financing of the 96th Street mega-mosque emulate the teachings of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna, a colleague of Rauf's father, who taught Al Azhar University -- Islam's closest equivalent to the Vatican. Rauf fled Egypt's 1948 crackdown on the MB. His eldest son Feisal was born in Kuwait that year.

MB doctrines require “flexibility” -- adapting to each environment on local terms, especially in North America -- to force Islamic law on the masses globally. Hiding financing sources are perfect examples of taqiyya, a theologically encouraged practice of deception to advance theocratic, fascist Islamic doctrines.

Like his father, Rauf is probably a stealth Muslim Brother, as are most MB members.

The Muslim Brotherhood founded virtually all Islamic terror organizations operating worldwide today, including al-Qaeda and Hamas. Thus, only propaganda and recruitment chiefs like Alabama-born Omar Hammami -- and shills hoping to convince useful idiots the Brothers are genuinely peaceful -- advertise their affiliation.

Rauf established ASMA's Cordoba Initiative in Colorado in 2004, but registered the non-profit in New York only in April 2009. His financial statements look mysterious, too. A Cordoba Initiative project, since at least 2006, has partnered with the Gallup Organization and “a team of Sunni and Shi'a scholars from Morocco to Indonesia” to create “an Islamic legal benchmark for measuring 'Islamicity' of a state,” available both publicly and to pundits “and state officials in both the Muslim and Western worlds.”

If the U.S. is Sharia-compliant, and Rauf supports Western democracy and mosque-state separation, why has his New York-based institution initiated this project, funded by Malaysia and many other Muslim nations in the OIC?

Malaysia is not a secular democracy. Its federal government maintains a Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) charged with promoting “the development and advancement of Islamic affairs,” including formulation of “policies for the ADVANCEMENT of Islamic affairs in the country and to safeguard the sanctity of the aqidah and the teachings of Islam.” (Emphasis in original.)

Rauf may well get Saudi funding too: In February 2001, the IDB established its U.S. dollar-denominated Awqaf Properties Investment Fund (APIF) to “develop and invest in accordance with ... Islamic Sharia [principles], in Awqaf real estate properties ... in [IDB] member countries ... and Islamic communities in non-member countries.” Financing applications go -- where else? -- to OIC founder and chief IDB backer Saudi Arabia, which has worked tirelessly for decades to advance Islamic communities in the most influential non-Muslim nation, the U.S.

OIC countries financed the 96th Street mosque. Why would Rauf not approach them again, particularly since an IDB financing mechanism for projects like his is already in place?

At Tuesday's meeting, a 9/11 survivor, along with relatives, parents, and dear friends of victims, all spoke eloquently against the mosque. Bereaved mother Cynthia Kane honored her son, firefighter George Kane, and his hundreds of brave colleagues who died fighting to save lives. Another victim's father poignantly noted that bodily remains of 997 people are still missing. “Where the hell do you think they are? They are on that [holy] ground ... and building a mosque over them is truly insensitive.” 9/11 Families leader Debra Burlingame professed happiness that the controversy might encourage Americans to finally ask: “What is Sharia?”

The best route to stopping construction may be through the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Internal Revenue Service. According to a Certified Public Accountant and Act for America member, available American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) tax filings raise several red flags.

Very little ASMA information is available on the non-profit organization from Guidestar, a commercial service that provides 990 filings from thousands of tax-exempt charitable organizations, many much smaller than ASMA. However, the CPA reports that many documents required for public examination are missing from Guidestar's ASMA files. Federal law requires ASMA to provide tax returns for public inspection, but evidently it has not done so, the CPA says.

Director since 2005, Daisy Kahn -- Rauf's interior designing, Kashmir-born wife -- apparently never filed a required informational return or regular annual reports: “shocking for a charity with over $1 million in grants just last year.”

Several other issues indicate ASMA's financial statements are not “in accordance with accounting standards for nonprofit organizations.” An organization established in 1998 should have two-year comparisons, not the one-year comparison provided in the fiscal 2009 statement. Failing that, ASMA must provide comparative statements in its notes or a letter to stakeholders -- which it also does not do.

Likewise, ASMA claims to be a 501(c)3 organization. They do present a letter of determination (albeit, misstated as being granted in “1988”). But ASMA financial statements do not specify under which code ASMA's tax-exempt status falls.

ASMA also fails to list required future lease payments, although its auditor reportedly specializes in non-profit groups and purports to follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). “I'm shocked by all these” oversights, said the CPA, who has merely begun to list GAAP requirements on which ASMA flunks.

Maybe there's just too much information Rauf and ASMA don't want the public to know. Perhaps the IRS should institute a new taqiyya-busters division. Meanwhile, the public can shower the IRS with complaints on these evidently numerous tax-code violations.

(Click here to watch Walid Shoebat expose the Ground Zero mosque on PJTV.)