How to Raise Your Child's ACT Score and College GPA

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan played point man for the Obama administration in its battle plan to damage Governor Rick Rick by means of attacking Texas' school system.

Duncan said,

Far too few of their high school graduates are actually prepared to go on to college....

I feel very, very badly for the children there.

Time magazine (yes, that Time magazine) was quick to point out that Duncan has little room to talk. Compared to the schools in Chicago, where he calls home, Texas minority students outperform Chicago students.  The Lone Star State's graduation rate is also higher.

That's not saying Texas doesn't have problems. A majority of its school children are academically unprepared for college. However, that's not a problem exclusive to Texas.

According to the ACT test, only 30 percent of California students have learned enough to succeed in college without remediation. The other 70 percent will need to play catch-up before they can be considered ready for post-secondary education.

Oregon, another deep blue state, can only boast 25 percent of its students as being fully prepared:

Results indicate that college-readiness levels are stagnant among the state's college-bound students. That's true despite a proliferation of high school calculus courses and the state's recent drive to offer more Advanced Placement math and science.

Fully half of the Oregon students who took the national college-entrance exam are unprepared to pass freshman college math, and two-thirds are unprepared for college science.

New York? Unprepared.

Michigan? Unprepared.

Vermont? Yeah, unprepared.

Across America, 75 percent of high schoolers will need one or more remedial classes before they are ready for college.