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How To Fight a Rearguard Action

I’m writing this in the morning of the 3rd, well before the debates.

There are several things I can tell you about the debate though:

Unless Barack Obama actually falls asleep while speaking, or eats a live puppy on stage (and even then, I’m not sure), the media will declare him the best, most presidential president ever, the brightest man in the room and the most informed economist of our times.

Mitt Romney, meanwhile, will be uninformed, lying, plutocratic, uncaring, and – oh, of course – RACIIIIIIIIST.

G-d forbid that Mitt says anything of substance, because it will be declared full of dog whistles and nasty stuff.  Worse, if he says anything conservative.  And if he says anything mildly reproaching – let alone goes on the attack – because then he’ll be a “desperate candidate, filled with hatred.”  And, of course (but you knew that), racist.

Benghazi will be off the table as even a mention, and if Romney dares bring it up there will be an outcry about “attacking a president during a war” and how he’s undermining the investigations and how it is a “gaffe.”

So – why is Romney putting himself through this, with an hostile MSM?  Because he has to.  If he wins, this might be the last time he has to do this, but right now he has no choice.  The media has a tight cone of silence around him.  Nothing he does is reported unless it’s perceived to be a gaffe.  This is his only chance to show himself to the nation.  So, even with the game weighted against him, he has to take it.  And Obama would not agree to a debate moderated by anyone not in his pocket.

So… what can you do?  The media is stacked against us, and the narrative that Romney gaffed/lied/lost is ALREADY being written.

What can we do?



The media is engaging in these shenanigans for two reasons and two reasons only:

1-      To energize the base

2-      To discourage and divide conservatives.

You can’t do much DIRECTLY about #1.  You can do something indirectly.  More on that later.  However, you can do a lot about #2.

1.Don’t fall for it.  Don’t buy the narrative.  Understand that Romney will be cut off mid-sentence.  Understand he can’t attack, on pain of being demonized.  Understand that, unlike Ronald Reagan, he’s not a trained actor, so the diffusing quip might fail him.  He’s been a gallant campaigner and made few enough gaffes that the MSM is desperate for something to spin.  So don’t fall for it.  When they say he gaffed, take to Twitter, email, Facebook and all conservative sites, and engage in battle.  Refuse to be deflected or divided or to attack other conservatives.

2. Don’t concede.  You must at all costs avoid the words “they’re right, but…”  They’re not right and conceding a bit won’t make them see your reasonableness.  You’re only giving up ground unnecessarily.

3. Refuse to be discouraged.  Refuse to shut up.  If they make fun of you, keep coming at them.  And always, always, hammer the media bias and their inadequacy.  The people who are busily burying the bodies of our Benghazi dead in a mountain of spin have no platform.  None.  They have no decency, no moral high ground.  Don’t give them any.

And then take the fight to the enemy.  Refuse to accept their narrative that Obama is the perfect man without flaw.  Mock him.  Make fun of him.

1. I know this is a tactic few of us have used.  Back in childhood, most of us were conscientious workers, not playground bullies.  However, remember this: no punch is too high, no punch is too low.  Leave his wife out of this, if you want to (though she’s a co-political operative, frankly), but do not cut Obama any slack.  Mock his mannerisms, his overweening self-regard.  Fact-check his ass.  Post his lies, his misconceptions, and the blatant Marxism that informs his every attempt at thinking.  (I maintain he’s so indoctrinated he can’t think.)  Think along the lines of “nose so high in the air he must have been hit by one too many golf balls.”  Think along the lines of “#facultyloungemarxism.”  Think along the lines of “recycled seventies pap.”