How to cut $20 million from Texas public spending without even trying

Cut public school superintendent pay so that they're even with the state's governor. There are over 200 public school superintendents who actually make more, in some cases twice as much, as Gov. Rick Perry.

In Texas, 214 superintendents take home an annual salary more than the Governor of Texas, whose salary is set at $150,000 a year. If superintendents in Texas were paid no more than the Governor, schools would save $20 million each biennium.

Unfortunately for Texas’ taxpayers, this issue of excessive salaries for superintendents only scratches the surface. Along with this generous base salary, the compensation package often includes lavish benefits and perks not often found in the private sector, like housing allowances, car allowances, and more.

Want to know if your taxes are making local school bureaucrats rich, while teachers face layoffs? There's a link in this post to a database of all superintendent salaries in the entire state.