How to Beat Down the Immigration Bill: Unleash YouTube

Mickey Kaus remembers a time, back in 2007 when the last shamnesty train had pulled into the station, that YouTube helped slay the beast.

That was back when I was still with Hot Air. Kaus had the idea. We pounced. We produced so many anti-shamnesty ads in one day that the always pro-amnesty Wall Street Freakin' Journal got skeered:

Hot Air Network’s Web ad, viewable at left, urged “conservatives fed up with Republican scheming on this bill, [to] do something about it. If you gave to the party in the past year, you can demand your money back. Call the Republican National Committee today and demand a full refund. If you gave to any senator or congressman in the past year, call their office and demand a full refund.” Just who sponsors Hot Air’s ad, and other similar ads popping up across the Internet, is unclear.

Actually, it was very clear. We made 'em. All of 'em. Three of us working non-stop to write, capture, edit and post the ads. They were good ads, if I do say so myself. The voiceovers: My dulcet tones.