How to Appeal to Hispanics: DON'T!

Hispanics tend not to believe in abortion on demand. Democrats raise campaign funds promising to keep the barbaric practice going. The countries of origin of many Hispanics have governments that stand in stark contrast to conservative values. The governments in these despotic nations often control all the wealth for a select group of elites. The citizens are often left in abject poverty. Corruption is a way of life in these nations. That's why the ancestors of American Hispanics fled those nations. Democrats envy the unchallenged government power in these backward countries, but conservatives stand for something greater, our American ideals. In truth, it shouldn't be all that hard. Hispanic voters are ready to hear conservative ideas because they've seen the destruction that liberal thought brings. The GOP just has to articulate the differences between the parties.

If the GOP really wants a successful strategy for persuading Hispanics, for heaven's sake don't do “outreach.” Hispanics are sophisticated enough to know when we're being pandered to. The word “outreach” rings about as hollow as the myriad of campaign promises already broken by President Obama. We'd just as soon the GOP treat us as Americans, not as a voting bloc.  We get plenty of that from Democrats already. If one must call this strategy something, to help get your mindset right, call it  a“partnership.” That word indicates investments, skin in the game, and mutual risk and reward.

In short, if you want to “appeal” to Hispanics, don't -- at least not in the traditional liberal Democrat sense. Instead, recognize that Hispanics, at least the majority who are not overt leftists, want the same things that all Americans want. I think the GOP has been a victim of the mainstream press. The biased  purveyors of so-called “news” in America have gone out of their way to present the  Hispanic community as a monolithic voting bloc. And the media has been dutiful in trotting out the most extreme leftists imaginable as de facto spokespersons for that group. Is it any wonder that the GOP and America in general believe that all Hispanics want cradle-to-grave welfare, desire open borders with Mexico, and look at America as the “Great White Satan”?  Rest assured, these loud-mouthed leftists in no way represent a majority of Hispanics, much less the total group. Our ancestors came to the United States to escape oppressive leftist governments. These governments were full of politicians that squandered wealth and resources in an effort to enrich themselves with control and power. The GOP shouldn't try to “appeal” to Hispanics by just telling us what they think we want to hear. It's a safe bet that if the Grand Ole Party simply advocates small constitutional government, low taxation, and the rule of law, they'll have  the Hispanic vote. Just be honest and forthright and deliver on the promise that is America. That's where Democrats have fallen short. And it's all any American really wants.