How the Media Is Still Screwing Up the Edwards Story

National Review Online's Campaign Spot caught Edwards in two obvious lies, and Hot Air's Allahpundit noticed one, too. All of this was a little too much effort for the full staff of ABC News to catch during their interview with Edwards -- but somehow two bloggers managed to get the job done. Of course, NRO and Hot Air aren't chained up by cowardly or biased editors, either.

What almost no one mentions is that The National Enquirer is owned by Clinton backer Roger Altman. Altman claims he has "no involvement in editorial, ever" but his paper seems to have found a way to permanently sideline one of Hillary's rivals. Or can Edwards bounce back?

What's this "can he" business? Edwards will bounce back, and the process has already begun.

Over at "Think" "Progress" (aren't scare quotes fun?) they're already busy changing the story. The complaint is that Fox News -- one outlet out of many -- would rather talk about John's Rielle-y Good Time than about Russia's invasion of Georgia. Don't worry, TP -- when Fox decides to cover The Pipeline War, they'll still do a better job of it than any other network. At least FNC has something like a decent track record when it comes to reporting wars. Unlike, say, the folks at Think Progress.

First the admission, then the contrition, then the rehabilitation. By the time -- and I hope it's a long time from now -- Elizabeth Edwards succumbs to her illness, all John's sins will be forgiven and, likely by the MSM, forgotten.

The next scandal will be the race to prove the child's paternity. Edwards claims he's willing to get tested, but momma conveniently says "no." (If only she'd said that two years ago, Edwards might be Veep or Attorney General a year from now.) Sure, Johnny Boy can bounce back, but if later on someone can show that he is indeed the baby daddy, then he might get nothing better than a dead cat bounce.

Here's a thought: Start looking for an educational trust fund set up for Baby Hunter -- and try to follow the money. Because I'd bet dollars to donuts this kid is going to have a nicer college trust than anything Rielle could afford on her own.

Somebody ought to get on this. But don't drop any change into the machine at the <i>New York Times</i> -- you won't find much new there.

But you might try glancing at the tabloids while waiting in line at the grocery store. Because these days, that seems to be the one place left where the news is fit to print.