How the Left Uses Children's Art in the War Against the Jews

I challenge you to find a news report with more layers, all of them misleading, than an ostensibly unbiased San Francisco Chronicle "news" article about a canceled art exhibition at the Museum of Children's Art in Oakland, California. The story's core is uncomplicated: The museum agreed with an organization called the Middle East Children's Alliance to showcase art that Palestinian children created. In response to protests, the museum halted the exhibit.

Through a magical combination of ambition, distraction, uglification, and derision, though, Chronicle readers are left believing that children in Gaza, after suffering horrible abuse at Israeli hands, are now victims of American Jewish censorship. (Of course, Chronicle readers, already primed with a steady diet of this kind of reporting, probably started out believing this statement to be true, so this most recent story is just fuel to an already raging fire.)

Chronicle staff writer Jill Tucker begins her report by saying that the museum, "citing pressure from the community," canceled the exhibit, which was to have consisted of drawings that Gazan children created in the wake of the 2008 war. The pictures' subject matter included "bombs dropping, tanks and people getting shot." Barbara Lubin, spokesperson for the Middle East Children's Alliance, the organization sponsoring the exhibit, validated the drawings on the ground that they represent the children's "experience."  This is one example of the children's "experience" (see more here):

Although relying heavily on Lubin and the Middle Eastern Children's Alliance as source material for her report, Tucker carelessly forgets to introduce these sources to her readers. That's a shame, because readers would have found it illuminating. Back in 1988, Barbara Lubin founded the Middle East Children's Alliance, which rejoices in the great acronym "MECA." Both Lubin and MECA have earned write-ups at Discover the Networks, which remarks upon their Communist, anti-American, pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli slant.

First, a little about Lubin, who is a classic self-hating Jew:

In 1991, Lubin was abducted by armed guerillas from the terrorist group Hizbullah, in Lebanon. She struck up a conversation with her captors and stated afterwards, "Hizbullah….They're just ordinary schleps like the rest of us." She is also quoted as saying, "If Slobodan Milosevic is tried by the international courts, then Henry Kissinger, (former President) George Bush and Ariel Sharon should be in there with him….They butchered Arabs." In late 2001, Lubin was a participant in the largely anti-Semitic World Conference Against Racism that took place in Durban, South Africa. In August 2004, on the Berkeley-based Flashpoints radio program, Lubin stated that she wants the United States "to cut all aid to Israel."