How Obama Stimulates Feminists

Barack Obama is the first affirmative action president in our nation's history and the evidence for his being so is overwhelming. Throughout the course of his rise to the pinnacle of American power, he was benefited time and again from the hand of identity politics.

Obama's fairytale life is a Shangri-la fabricated from society's obsessions with oppression. Based on past performance, he appears to be but an above-average man. Our commander-in-chief is no more messiah than he is Rosie O'Donnell. Regardless of how illusory his example, a majority of Americans are invigorated and inspired by him. Indeed, he is a beacon of promise for all who covet unearned riches.

Since 1969, when Richard Nixon foolishly imploded America's prospects for equality by turning the concept of affirmative action into a reality, the country's race shysters and guilt peddlers have come a long way, baby! They polarized the nation and discern disproportionate treatment out of every difference between individuals.

This is true for minority hustlers of every stripe. Foremost among the con artists to cash in on a once-proud nation's guilt are the radical feminists. Gender feminists are a virulent strain of far-leftist whose power has exponentially grown over the past four decades.

Feminists continue to flourish in 2009 despite women being the recipients of every imaginable form of state-sponsored privilege. Yet no matter what funds are expropriated and what rights are eroded, leftist feminists always demand more. Everybody's got "to have some skin in" their game. In response to those behaviors they do not understand or that allegedly offend, they counter with a "there ought to be a law" mindset.

Rather than be pleased by the Republican crack-ups of 2006 and 2008, these groups think the time is right to ratchet up demands. They may be correct. Without an unbelievable 70-to-29-percent level of support among single women, Barack Obama would still be an Illinois senator and "Blagojevich" would not be a word known to all men.

Women made Obama, literally. Thus, in the spirit of his victory, feminists -- who do not reflect the views of women on aggregate -- are in the mood to divvy up the spoils. Will they get a seat at the porcine table? Answer: they already have.

The first to make public the need to shake down Obama, a transformative "articulate and bright and clean" version of "the Man," was "feminist philosopher" [sic] Linda Hirshman. She penned an article, "Where Are the New Jobs for Women?," which graced the pages of the toxic and soon-to-be-defunct New York Times.

Hirshman became famous a couple of years ago for writing a book about "how the unjust family prevents women from getting to work." Her stance revealed once again that feminists are a wolf to traditional women. In the retired academic's words, "the tasks of housekeeping and child rearing were not worthy of the full time and talents of intelligent and educated human beings." Well, no condescension there.

Upon hearing of Obama's proposed job creation plan she responded with massive criticism, a method ubiquitous among feminists. Of his purported yen for infrastructure building, she sniffed, "There are almost no women on this road to recovery ... and as the current downturn has worsened, their traditionally lower unemployment rate has actually risen just as fast as men's. A just economic stimulus plan must include jobs in fields like social work and teaching, where large numbers of women work."