How do you get a $175,000 a year job with Eric Holder?

Richard Pollock today has a piece today at PJM regarding transparency, or lack of it, in the Holder Justice Department.  After almost a year after being asked, the Holder Justice Department finally turned over the resumes of 130 lawyers hired since the inauguration in the civil rights division.  Taxpayers need to understand this is an unprecedented hiring blitz, and was done without the money to support it. 

Over the next weeks and months, PJM will be exposing the particulars of this ideologically fueled hiring blitz from the farthest frontiers of the political spectrum.

A recent hire not captured in the resume dump is Allison Nichol, the new chief of the Disability Rights section.  Businesses should take note because this section has enormous power over businesses which “accommodate” the public, such as movie theatres, hotels, shopping malls and restaurants.  An unconventional job announcement email I have obtained from Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez describes Nichol’s involvement with the White House and her background:

“She is serving as the representative of the DOJ with the White House on the development and implementation of the President’s National Strategy on HIV/AIDS . . .  has been a member of the Honors Attorney Hiring Committee for the past four years, and is an active participant in the Division’s GLBT Working Group as well as a former board member of DOJ Pride. . . .Outside her life in the Department, Allison is an accomplished writer.  He short stories and poetry have been published in numerous journals and adapted for the stage, and she recently published her first novel.  She lives in Washington D.C. with her partner of 20 years.”

Of course her poetry career and involvement with gay organizations had nothing to do with disability law.  But as we shall see with the rest of the resumes, the ideological tickets to the employment dance at DOJ come in many forms in Holder’s Justice Department, and Perez’s email reveals a few.  Stay tuned to PJM for more.