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How Big of a Problem Is the Ron Paul-Inspired Maine GOP Platform?

Others are less diplomatic and refer to it as “political suicide”:

I believe that there are provisions in there that will scare off many independents who you need to win elections. ... It will make it very difficult for the majority of Republicans to win.

The authors of the document do not claim membership in the tea party movement, but attended tea party events:

Mr. Dyer says he and his co-authors aren’t members of the tea party, although some have attended such events. They were motivated by disappointment with the party’s “progressive” wing, which had “forgotten what it means to be a Republican,” he says.

There were claims of “thuggery” and undemocratic behavior at the convention. Many attendees did not get to read the platform before it was passed due to insufficient copies and a hurried discussion.

Though the document was not in line with general tea party concerns, it could sully the movement should Republican candidates suffer from it. We shall see if this revolutionary document is an albatross around the neck of Maine Republicans, or just a misstep in a long campaign with little relevance to the final tally.