How Bad Is Obama's Foreign Policy? Let Us Count the Ways

In the past seven months, four high-profile Democrats have gone down to defeat despite active campaigning on their behalf by President Obama. Senior Obama advisor David Axelrod is running scared. He told the Associated Press:  "At some point, you feel like we've done what we can do. We do have other stuff going on."

You sure do, Mr. Axelrod. You have this country’s foreign policy to conduct. Ironically, though, it’s precisely because you are butchering that work so badly that your man is unable to help your candidates win reelection.

The country is slowly awakening to the reality that it has another “Jimmah” to contend with in the White House, a man whose palpable weakness and inexperience are encouraging America’s worst enemies to think they can take advantage.

While candidate John McCain proposed sanctioning Russia, and increasing American influence, by booting Russia out of the G-8 (yet another organization to which Russia belongs while repudiating all its core values), Obama is seeking to reward Russia and dilute American influence by expanding the G-8.

Americans see Russian nuclear bombers buzzing their coastline. They see American values under siege in Putin’s Russia. They see the creation of a neo-Soviet state. They see American promises being broken in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and as a result they see rising Russian aggression and imperialism.

With all this, they are displeased. They want America to be what it has always been: a beacon of freedom and democracy.  Liberals are stunned to see a president who was supposedly dedicated to liberalism ignoring violent racism, homophobia, censorship, and dictatorship on the rise in Russia. Conservatives are equally shocked to watch Obama encourage Russia to foment anti-American hatred in the Middle East (which has the side benefit of roiling the oil markets and lining Russia’s pockets) and to draw down a new Iron Curtain across Europe.

It seems there is one thing all Americans can agree on: Barack Obama is a truly awful president.