How a violated tweeter actually behaves

A Democrat hacked the twitter account of Republican Speaker of the (Ohio) House, William Batchelder, this week. Batchelder, who isn't tech savvy and by his own admission didn't even know he had a twitter "device" at all, nonetheless took the appropriate action to deal with the offense.

Mike Dittoe, communication director for the House Republican caucus, said he got a call Monday night from a follower of Batchelder's Twitter account informing him of the unusual postings on the account.

Dittoe said he knew it had become a real problem when the liberal group ProgressOhio tweeted on Tuesday: "Wow!! Suddenly Bill Batchelder supports" and went on to list various liberal groups and causes, and a link to the fake tweets.

Among the fake tweets were those that promoted former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland and criticized Republican Gov. John Kasich.

Dittoe said House GOP legal counsel Michael Lenzo worked with Twitter to get the account shut down and the posts erased.

Earlier this year, caucus staff worked with Twitter to have a fake Batchelder account shut down, Dittoe said.

Rep. Anthony Weiner is said to be one of the most tech savvy pols in Washington. Yet we are supposed to believe that it's reasonable of him not to shut his allegedly compromised twitter feed down. We're supposed to believe that it's reasonable of him not to call in the cops -- except to harass reporters as he did today -- or to work with twitter to resolve the issue. We're supposed to believe all this, and a whole lot more.

This miserable little creep is taking us all for fools. He is taking the media for fools, he is taking Gennette Nicole's irate mother for a fool, he is taking everyone for nothing but a bunch of fools.

Weiner should just do the honorable thing, probably for the first time in his life, and resign so as not to put the country through this ridiculous charade.