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House GOP Chairman Stops Keystone XL Push, Calls It 'Poison Pill'

Upton said he hopes a bipartisan energy bill passes the Republican-controlled House before the end of the year.

He touted his party’s record of passing bipartisan legislation in the House, particularly in the last session of Congress.

“In the last Congress, we had more bills passed on the House floor than any other – 91 – 90 of them had Democrat support, 40 of them were signed into law by President Obama and of the remaining 51, two-thirds of them, passed the House with better than a two-thirds vote, some of them unanimously,” Upton said.

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 17 percent of respondents approve of the way Congress is handling its job. Despite its approval rating, Upton said the Republican-controlled Congress has been productive so far this year, conducting more than 70 hearings in the House and passing over 20 bills.

“I haven’t done my analysis but I’m pretty sure all of them had bipartisan votes, some of them pretty substantial and some of them have been signed into law and we still have 6 months to go in this year, let alone next year,” he said.