House Dems Disgraceful at Holder Hearing

3. Protect, at all costs, Attorney General Holder so that he does not hurt President Obama's reelection campaign.

Sadly, this is the primary reason the minority Democrats showed up at today's hearing.

While they would love to pass more gun-control laws, today was about generating soundbites and protecting a political appointee so that he would not reflect poorly upon his embattled boss. It does not matter to these minority Democrats that 300 or more Mexican citizens died so Operation Fast and Furious could "work" by manufacturing evidence in support of more gun control. It does not matter to them that numerous federal laws may have been broken, or that a cover-up is being engineered even as it publicly unravels. What matters to these politicians is providing the mainstream media with enough of a smokescreen so that they can help protect Obama.

For Cummings, Towns, Norton, Clay, Maloney, and other Democrats in the Oversight Committee's minority, refusing to support the actions of Holder's felonious Department of Justice is a betrayal of their party figurehead, who is far more important in their estimation than the lives of a few hundred foreigners, or even the lives of American law enforcement officers.

Today we saw a frustrated majority seeking answers, an attorney general trying to avoid prison, and a minority intent on preserving political power.

This was a travesty, and the saddest part of this bloody drama is that the minority no doubt thought that what the did today was "right," according to what they consider their moral imperative.