Honor Their Service: the Troop-a-thon

Move America Forward, the nation's largest 501(c)(3) charity organization dedicated to the heroes of the American Armed Forces, is hosting its second annual Troop-a-thon to benefit U.S. troops overseas on Thursday, June 25.

Melanie Morgan, syndicated radio show host and Move America Forward founder, and Andrew Breitbart, esteemed author, editor, and creator of Breitbart.com and Big Hollywood, will co-host this year's event -- broadcast live from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

The Troop-a-thon has one noble goal: to send the largest shipment of care packages in history to U.S. troops serving overseas.

With 146,000 troops in Iraq and 59,000 in Afghanistan, U.S. troops are in harm's way, but much of their sacrifice and bravery goes unnoticed by the media. Their continued duty and valor must not pass unrecognized. Too many men and women, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers face debilitating conditions on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan -- especially during the summer months -- while those of us back home remain safe and secure. We are afforded these luxuries because of our military heroes; we must remind the troops that an entire nation is forever grateful for their service.

Move America Forward launched its "Coffee, Cookies, Gatorade, and Beef Jerky for our Troops" program, now the "Care Packages and Candy Diplomacy" program, in response to requests from American troops overseas for specific items they missed from home. Those items include: Oreo cookies, premium coffee, premium beef jerky, Planters fruit and nut trail mix, Jelly Belly jelly beans, bug repellent, and lip balm.

Each package includes a personal note expressing the individual sponsor's gratitude for the military's continued dedication and sacrifice.