Honor the Victims of 9/11 with Action

On 9/11, the outrage and fear we felt was matched with an equally intense determination to do something. Some signed up for the military, others did acts of charity, and others contributed to the sense of unity and patriotism we all enjoyed basking in but have since long lost.

Yet we still haven’t been given such instructions. We were just told to go shopping, an essential act to get the economy going again after the attacks, but one that left us feeling unfulfilled and unrecognized as the valuable assets in the war on terror that we are. As we pass the eighth anniversary of 9/11, let’s go beyond remembering the emotion of that horrible day. Let’s take action.

The first action to take is to watch The Third Jihad, which is, in my opinion, the best documentary produced about the jihadist threat. It is not just a wake-up call meant to frighten us, but is filled with facts covering the many different angles of the radical Islamic threat facing us. Purchasing a copy of this DVD for those that view warnings about these threats as alarmism and setting up screenings at college campuses and anywhere possible is a simple task that no one should shy away from.

Every American should make it their duty to place their investments in terror-free mutual funds, ensuring that you’re not financing companies that do business in Iran, Syria, Sudan, or North Korea. Most activism centers on long-term education and lobbying, but this is one unique case where individual American citizens can make a dent that these financially strapped governments will immediately feel. The instability in Iran speaks to how these governments are losing their footing before our eyes. The removal of your investment could be the final straw that breaks their backs.

Citizens should also make it their duty to talk to their local officials about making sure that state pension funds are divested from Iran and other sponsors of terrorism. The rest of the country needs to follow in the footsteps of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. There has been overwhelmingly positive reception to this idea from all quarters and it is a relatively easy fight for an activist to take up.