'Honest Obe' Might Be a Bit of a Stretch

Just for the record, those who impersonate President Abraham Lincoln choose to be called Lincoln Presenters. The first photo at the link shows a gaggle of Presenters at their 1995 convention. I do not find Barack Obama among them, although he could be in the back obscured by all the stovepipe hats.

While I concede a few similarities between Lincoln and Obama, the president-elect has begun to display a rather alarming propensity to emulate the Great Emancipator.

Despite my disagreement with the media's obsession with his rock-star good looks, I am willing to concede that Obama is every bit as handsome as Honest Abe. Obama just needs a nickname to reflect the similarities of the two men.  Although it may be unseemly to assign the moniker "Honest Obe" to a politician risen from the Cloaca Maxima of Chicago, the shoe fits, even if no more aptly than when the sobriquet "Tiny" is applied to a hulk of a man, or "Grace" to a clumsy girl.

If only Honest Obe would have settled for the obsequious media's promotion of the obvious "lanky" and "Illinois Congressman" allusions, instead of front-loading his presidency with the implication that he might be Lincoln reincarnated. But no, on Inauguration Day Obama will even dine on foods that Lincoln was thought to have enjoyed, "served on china that duplicates the dishware first lady Mary Todd Lincoln picked for the White House."

There are many apt comparisons between the two. The Lincoln family was forced to move around the nation's Western frontier when Abe was a boy, uprooting themselves from Kentucky, moving to Indiana, and then to Illinois. This was due to the difficulty of obtaining clear title to land in the Northwest Territories. Coincidentally, Obama endured some real estate problems of his own. The Lincolns just needed a guy like Tony Rezko around to iron things out for them.