History Repeating: Another Hoax College 'Hate Crime' Charge in North Carolina

Within an hour, this comment and several similar comments had been censored by the staff of the Daily Tarheel, and the comments section to the article was closed, with the editors stating:  We’ve closed comments on this item because of the nature of the post and the nature of comments being posted.

Editors of the newspaper tried to claim that the comment posted above was deleted because it violated their commenting polices:

We won’t tolerate posts that insult others by using gender, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual preference or disabilities.

When called to cite the specific violation of policy for this comment, the Daily Tarheel could not, or would not, provide an answer. They didn’t have one, because this comment, like most of the other comments the student paper deleted, did not violate anything other than the editor’s presupposition that a hate crime had occurred, obvious problems with evidence and allegations be damned.

Like journalists in the mainstream media, these young student journalists had an ideological mindset that disallowed any challenges to the conventional wisdom within their insular community. The hate crimes allegation served a “larger truth” the community has accepted that the outside world was less tolerant than they, and darned if they weren’t going to resort to censorship to prove just how accepting of ideas they are!

Jon Sanders at the John Locke Foundation skewered the Daily Tarheels censorship just as soon as Matney’s story was revealed as a hoax. Yet UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp vowed to “bring the strongest possible charges against the attacker." I hope that means criminal charges against Matney, and expulsion for criminal behavior and a rather obvious breach of the university’s honor code.

Whether Chancellor Thorp and the UNC Journalism faculty are willing to bring the forces of politically correct suppression of dissent by editors of the student paper up on charges is another matter entirely.

The student body at UNC is intent on ignoring any possibility of learning from this hoax, and plans on holding a Bandage from Brandingprotest. It seems even a fake hate crime is enough when the protesters only real goal is delusions of equality.