History Justifies Supreme Court Overturning Chicago Gun Ban

The Chicago Police Department appears to have the intention of only serving selected Chicago residents. FBI data show that between 2000 and 2008, Chicago’s violent crime trends compared poorly to New York and Los Angeles, the only two cities with greater populations. (All three have more gun control compared to the rest of the country.) The table below shows that Chicago maintained higher rates of murder, robbery, and aggravated assault, and had the smallest rate decreases, too. (Chicago doesn’t record rape according to FBI guidelines.)

Three biggest cities, violent crime comparison
CityMurder RateRobbery RateAggravated Assault Rate
New York8.76.0-30.5420.3265.0-36.9527.7332.0-37.1
Los Angeles14.810.2-31.1418.2348.3-16.7880.8334.0-62.1

Would more police make a difference?

According to FBI’s 2008 staffing reports, the answer is “no.” The table below shows that both New York and Los Angeles realized larger crime reductions despite having lower police staffing levels than Chicago (rates in officers per 100,000 population).

2008 Police Presence (per 100k pop.)
CityPopulationCopsLEO Rate
New York8,345,07535,761429
Los Angeles3,850,9209,743253

Chicago PD wants to lower entrance requirements is so they can “bolster minority hiring.”

Does this mean Chicago deems African Americans too slow or under motivated to exert themselves to qualify under the current rules for candidates?

Here’s what the professionals said concerning the lowering of admission standards:

Fraternal Order of Police President Mark Donahue:

You need a testing process. ... You need to be very concerned about the very limited information you would get from just a screening and application process.

Charlie Roberts ran the Chicago PD training division from 1995 to 1999:

If you don't give someone at least a reading comprehension test, can you just put them in and risk the possibility of having so many of them fail? That could get quite expensive.

Brad Woods ran the Personnel Division under two previous Chicago Police superintendents:

A background check and a psych [exam] alone will not eliminate some people who should not be there.

Bottom line:

  • Chicago promotes gun control laws shown to be harmful to African Americans.
  • Chicago PD claims it needs to spend more non-existent tax dollars to correct a perceived lack of racial equality within the Department.
  • Even with one of the highest police staffing rates in the country, Chicago isn’t addressing violent crime as effectively as other large cities with lower staffing rates.

The Supreme Court has decided it’s time for the people of Chicago to protect themselves.