Hispanic Caucus Chair: Dangerous for GOP to Roll Back Obama Executive Action

“When you look at presidents who have taken action over the last decades and since we’ve had our balance of powers and our Constitution in this country, the president does know their bounds and it’s very, very seldom a president actually crosses a line and is successfully sued. I think the bottom line is that balance is already set in the Constitution,” he said.

Rep. Rubén Hinojosa (D-Texas) said providing DHS with short-term funding in the spending bill was a “political maneuver” by the Republican-led House in the last session of Congress. The Democratic-led Senate also passed the bill.

Hinojosa, a member of the House Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee, was asked if he would support any limits to Obama’s executive action as a condition for DHS funding.

“Those are political maneuvers that I don’t get involved in. I do what is best for our country, what is best for our state of Texas, and what is best for my congressional district,” he said.