Hillary Loses Supporters Over Keystone Pipeline Opposition

Current Status of the Pipeline

The Keystone project was approved by Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman in January 2013, but many Nebraska landowners were unwilling to give their land over to the project. Originally, TransCanada sued to take the land under eminent domain, but this past week, the company decided to halt those actions and to apply through the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) to seek approval for the project instead.

“We believe that going through the PSC process is the clearest path to achieving route certainty for the Keystone XL Project in Nebraska,” Cooper told PJ Media. Choosing this process “ultimately saves time, reduces conflict with those who oppose the project and sets clear rules for approval of the route.”

According to Cooper, Nebraskans in numerous reviews also supported this process.

A Political Delay?

Some have speculated that TransCanada chose this method to further slow down the process -- “hoping that by 2017 a potential Republican administration would approve the project or opposition to it would simmer down,” in the words of the Wall Street Journal’s Amy Harder.

Indeed, positions on the pipeline tend to follow partisan lines. This year, the bill to construct Keystone XL passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate. President Obama vetoed it, however, and the State Department is continuing its investigation.

All the Democratic candidates for president in 2016 oppose the XL pipeline, while each Republican candidate supports it.

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and current presidential candidate Carly Fiorina wasted no time in attacking Clinton for opposing the pipeline. “How long did it take Hillary to take a position on this? Two years,” Fiorina said. "She said she wouldn’t sign it because she thought it would complicate our effort."

“Clinton has never created a job, saved a job, and her policies destroy jobs,” Fiorina declared. She reiterated the State Department study which said rail transportation harms the environment more than transporting Canadian oil by the pipeline. “What we’re doing now to transport that oil is far worse for global warming.”

Fiorina lamented the jobs lost without the Keystone pipeline. “Those livelihoods, those communities are being sacrificed not at the altar of science, but at the altar of ideology,” the candidate declared.