Hillary Contradicts Hillary, Again

Elian had fled Cuba with his mother, who drowned in the passage to the United States, and preferred to remain with family in the United States. When President Clinton was asked at the time whether Elian might have interests and rights at odds with his father’s, he responded, as I noted in my Wall Street Journal piece at the time:

[A]ny such conclusion would be “a dramatic departure from the law.” Neither he nor his wife has mentioned that for years that is precisely what she called for.

I wrote a couple of years later:

There were those (I was one) who regarded the deportation of Elian as akin to a slave mother drowning as she swam to freedom with her child only to have the child ripped from his relatives in the North and returned to his loyal Uncle Tom father who, when offered freedom with his son, chose to remain on the plantation.

If the conflict of interest between a freedom-seeking son and a communist, Castro-hostage father was not substantial enough to trigger the former children’s rights advocate’s recognition of the rights of that child, I suppose there is no reason to be surprised today. Mrs. Clinton has once again turned her back on her early career-building articles by asserting that “a child” waiting to be born has no right to life or any other constitutional rights.