Hillary Clinton's Letters to Communist Saul Alinsky Matter, and the Media Will Bury Them

The subject of Alinsky and his influence is too obscure for a media obsessed with trivia and nonsense, and with deflecting every legitimate question that's asked of Democrats, to look into. The media will bury it because it's obscure, because many of them are ambitious kn0w-nothings who are attracted to power, and because some of they are fully aware of Alinsky's influence and therefore know how large a problem exposure can cause Hillary Clinton heading into 2016.

A simple question that a brave reporter could ask Hillary Clinton now is, "Do you still agree with Saul Alinsky's goals and principles?" She clearly did, and the letters Goodman has produced prove it. Did Hillary Clinton ever reconsider Alinsky's goals or his methods? If so, when and why?

We're discussing a man who dedicated his most famous book to Lucifer, who believed in lying over the course of years, decades, even generations, and who both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have clearly set among their ideological guide stars. Alinsky matters because Obama and Clinton are among the Democrats who have brought his ideas from the hard left into government.

But the media will not pursue this story at all. They will bury it, just as they have buried Obama's true radicalism and his disdain for the Constitution.

If asked, and she won't be, Hillary might answer "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

It makes a lot of difference. But she won't be asked, at least, not in any serious way to expose what she really thinks about anything.