He's Not Done Yet: McDaniel Gets His Day in Court on Cochran Challenge

“The arguments from our state’s Republican establishment were meant to influence the judge to make an activist decision that would have ignored both the secretary of state and legal precedent,” McDaniel said. “Our opponents know our case has merit, so their only option is to try to convince Judge McGehee to throw it out.”

This round of arguments has left his legal defense fund depleted.

“We won this motion, but we still haven’t gotten to the court case,” he said. “We spent thousands of dollars making sure the secretary of state’s statement entered the record, but we still have yet to go through a single ballot with the Mississippi Supreme Court.”

According to the Mississippi Business Journal, Cochran’s attorneys said the case is not relevant since the timing of Gunn’s filing was not argued.

In a visit to Greenwood Aug. 12, Cochran said that he’s keeping his focus on his November opponent, Democrat Travis Childers.

“I’m not thinking about that challenge or worrying about it,” he told the Greenwood Commonwealth in a story notably featured on his campaign site. “I’m campaigning in a positive way on my abilities and my proven experience to get things done for the betterment of Mississippi.”

McDaniel filed his 243-page challenge in August with the state’s Republican Party and that was denied.

The Mississippi state senator alleged in his complaint that 27 counties counted absentee votes that did not meet the requirements of the election code. He also alleged that 12 counties failed to certify the results of the June 24 runoff in the time required by the state. According to the Sun-Herald, McDaniel has not sought to restrict who can vote in party primaries.