Herman Cain: The New Front-Runner

Herman Cain is entering the American consciousness at a time when ordinary people are more afraid of the future than at any juncture within memory. We Americans are searching for someone to fill the leadership vacuum left by an adolescent gadabout president who believes leadership is nothing more than giving speeches, perennial fundraising, politicking, and playing golf every waking moment in between. Except for the brief moments, when Obama’s Astroturf protesters show up “coincidentally” to make his points, the community organizer in chief can’t seem to organize his way out of a wet paper bag.

Yes, America is leaderless. And Americans know it.

Morgan Freeman seems to think it’s all a movie and his president thinks it’s a game. “I’ve got game,” Barack Obama told Democrats a couple of years ago, but “game” doesn’t fill the real shoes of the real presidency. And when there’s no real grown-up president there, things tend to go down the chute in a great big hurry. That would happen whether the president off playing games was black, white, or purple. It’s just a fact of life. Americans know this and are not the least bit fooled with all the race-baiting hustlers on the airwaves.

This country elected an eternal adolescent in a man’s body. Where’s the president? Oh, he’s off playing on the Vineyard. Where’s the president? Oh, it’s cold in D.C., so he must be off sunning in Hawaii. Where’s the president? It’s Sunday, so he must be playing golf. Where’s the president? It’s a boring weeknight, so he must be having a soiree with movie stars and musicians. I heard it was Paul McCartney, or is it Stevie Wonder this week? Where’s the president? Oh, he’s on The View, or is it the late night show? Honestly, I cannot keep track of this man-child’s social schedule.

Play. Play. Play. While the nation suffers.

Enter Herman Cain, the Republican backbencher who is setting the nominating race on its ear, confounding the oddsmakers of all stripes, and winning voters over one hard-fought day at a time.