Herman Cain Proves Conservatism Is Colorblind

I still remember the ubiquity of articles penned by liberals like Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi back in 2008, which took the usual leftist approach of arguing that America needed a redemption that could only be found through electing a black president. Taibbi himself rhetorically asked his readers back then: “Would it be such a terrible thing for America to show that it's big enough to elect a black president?”

But that’s simply not how conservatives approach politics. Conservatives aren’t looking for the black candidate, they’re looking for someone who understands and upholds the Constitution of the United States. They’re not looking for the Hispanic candidate who will magically cause Hispanics to vote Republican. Rather, they are looking for the candidate who understands that conservatism is the only political hope people of all colors have, if they want to experience the American Dream.

Perhaps Herman Cain put it best when he said blacks have been "brainwashed" into supporting Democrats to this point in our history. The liberals have been very successful in that particular way.

Yet with Cain, an American who is a conservative first and a black man second, people of all races have a poignant reminder that conservatism is colorblind, and that all those who have been trapped in the downward spiral of Obama’s socialistic welfare policies now have a way out.

That way is not through more government in our lives but through less government in every aspect of our business.

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