Herman Cain Proves Conservatism Is Colorblind

On September 23, actor Morgan Freeman called the Tea Party “a racist thing” while appearing as a guest on Piers Morgan Tonight. He said the “stated policy” of the Tea Party “is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term,” and then equated such a policy with “We're going to do whatever we can to get this black man outta here.”

Of course Freeman’s only the latest in a long line of liberals to place the “racist” moniker on the Tea Party movement. And like the others before him, many of whom were mental heavyweights like Janeane Garofalo, Freeman’s criticism is unfounded.

Moreover, the foolishness of his statements became evident within a day of their broadcast, as the Tea Party and other outlying conservatives carried Republican Herman Cain to a smashing victory in the Florida straw poll on September 24. What this means is that Cain, a black man, was propelled to victory over three white men (Perry, Romney, and Gingrich) and a white woman (Bachmann) by the same conservatives that had allegedly been opposed to Obama because of the color of his skin 24 hours earlier.

The truth is that the same Tea Party that cheered and voted for Representative Tim Scott (R-SC), who also happens to be black, will cheer and vote for every candidate that stands against big government, high taxes, open borders, and abortion on demand, among other things.

On a deeper level, the message from Cain’s resounding victory in Florida is that conservatism is colorblind. This translates two ways: First, it means conservatives aren’t caught up in the idea of electing a president of color simply because of that color (regardless of what it is). Rather, they put substance over style. Secondly, it means that conservatives aren’t opposed to a given candidate because of the color of his or her skin (regardless of what color it is). Rather, they judge each candidate on the basis of his or her policy positions and political ideology.

Cain won in Florida because he has come across as the most conservative guy in the mix during the last two debates. Or to put it as Rush Limbaugh did: "You want to know why Herman Cain won the straw poll in Florida? [Because] you can't find one example of Herman Cain, at any point in this campaign, not being a conservative.”

If we want to face the cold hard facts, it’s the left in America that’s consumed with race. They are the political ideologues dominated by racial categories and quotas like affirmative action, and by the furtherance of racially homogenous groups like the Congressional Black Caucus. (Read Roger L. Simon's fabulous suggestion on what to do with the Congressional Black Caucus here.) They were also the political group that hailed Barack Obama as the “first black president.”