Here's the Truth: Criminals and Their Groupies Think You're Stupid

On November 18, PJ Media published a piece I wrote about the Penn State child rape scandal. Predictably, defenders of various players in that drama weighed in with nonsense like this:

It’s moral preening to claim that in any case of child rape anyone might ever encounter, that it is always immediately obvious that that is what is happening.

At which point, the commenter said, "You look hungry -- have a penny!" before claiming that he knew a child who could pass as a "well muscled" man and that in times past 12-year-old girls got married. He then claimed that none of what he was advocating in these comments should be taken as his endorsement or acceptance of the behavior of the people involved in the Penn State case. "Agere sequitur credere!" I cry, which this person thinks is Latin for I spit out my honey-braised pennies and began flinging feces throughout my office. The right people know this means that we act according to our beliefs. In his many comments, this person made the case that "moral preening" was in some way as equally outrageous as allowing children to be sodomized. Think about that argument for a second.

How little does one think of your intellect for him to equate the "moral preening" of others to children being raped and not expect you to disagree?

Or there was this nugget:

Sure, child molestation is ugly but so is a root canal, flu and dirty diapers. These kids will get over it.

Really? I mean, really? There was a time when the moral relativist at least tried to make some sort of logical argument, but now we have people claiming that childhood sexual abuse is akin to a week with the chicken pox. To say that this argument is contra bonos mores is as charitable as it is pretentious. It is a wicked and depraved justification of evil which this person assumes you're too distracted to recognize as you stuff your Thanksgiving turkey with copper coin stuffing.