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Here's How to Manage Our Politicians


It is of course essential that such an organization be superbly managed within its own workforce. All the principles applied to elected officials must also be applied within the organization itself. Similar goals would be applied to the organization itself. Similar methods of appreciation and reward would be used in the organization's internal website and compensation packages.


Because it is accepted as a given that there would be both conservative and liberal organizations of the kind described in this article, funding can be done in the same way as for any political action group or think tank.


In order to insure that the organization reflects the will of the people, a national opinion poll would be conducted regularly, asking members of the public who identify themselves as conservatives, and who rate themselves as very familiar with the organization, to rate their degree of satisfaction with the organization. If ratings fall below 75% Somewhat or Very Satisfied for three continuous quarters, top management of the organization would be changed.


The creation of an organization to provide proper management, direction, and recognition for work well done is a responsibility that we the people have towards our elected officials, who are our employees.

Our politicians are in the difficult position of being poorly managed. No one lays out for them the specific goals they are expected to achieve. They are continuously criticized, continuously in danger of losing their jobs, but systems to provide them with direction and recognition for work well done are absent.

Creation of an organization of the kind described in this article would not only be a paradigm shift in the relationship of the people to their elected officials; it would also close the loop on that relationship in a way that is sorely needed.