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Heh — Lefty Bloggers Attack Sarah Palin, Impale Themselves

Here's how it went down. On Monday, Sarah Palin told supporters not to "party like it's 1773 yet."

As Perfunction captured, the tweeting twits on the left went crazy, all mocking Palin for historical ignorance. Everybody knows nothin' happened in 1773. As one lib so eloquently put it, "WTF happened in 1773?"

Here's Kos' tweet, which the rest of the left's geniuses followed.


Palin was talking to Tea Partiers, and 1773 was the year of ... wait for it ... the Boston Tea Party. You know, the tax protest that all the Tea Partiers have been referring to for nearly two years running.

Hm. How about that? Guess I shouldn't be too proud of crushing Kos in that one-on-one debate, huh.

Not for the first time, I have to admit a crush on Sarah Palin. She just brings out the worst in all of her enemies without even trying, doesn't she?