Have U.S., International Spies Penetrated Deep Within Iran?

In just the last couple months, valuable information about Iran has helped with the confiscation of several ships and planes which were carrying arms and explosives either to Iran or from Iran to the Middle East and Africa. One such incident occurred last month: Malaysian police seized suspicious equipment found in two containers from a ship that left a Chinese port bound for Iran. The equipment was said to be for nuclear weapons.

It is important to note that China has been collaborating with the radicals ruling Iran ever since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, and today continues to help Iran with its nuclear ambitions. (I submitted several reports on precisely that to the CIA during the time I worked as a spy inside the Revolutionary Guards, and have covered the Chinese connection in my book, A Time to Betray.) China was continuously providing arms to the Revolutionary Guards despite the U.S. arms embargo back then -- even training Guards’ members at a base in China. The Chinese also provided Silkworm missiles to Iran, which threatened the security of the Persian Gulf. China has done all of this while publicly denying the collaboration in its entirety.

The recent events have forced Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security to conduct well-publicized sweeps of their hierarchy every once in a while in order to filter out the “spies” among them.

So far, not a single sector of the regime -- including the parliament, the president’s office, and the supreme leader, who is the commander of the armed forces and who oversees all aspects of the regime -- has questioned any of the incidents: not the forced landing of the plane in Turkey, the explosions in Iran, the impounding of all the cargo ships in international waters, the carrying of arms, or many other such episodes.

Though many brave men and women in and outside of Iran risk their lives each day to help confront this evil regime, the Iranian leaders -- with their collaborations with China and North Korea -- grow ever closer to obtaining the nuclear bomb. It is our responsibility to humanity and to future generations to help Iranians overthrow their messianic regime before it is too late for all of us.