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Have a happy 'Spring Sphere' roll!

At a Seattle public school, Easter Eggs have apparently been banished and replaced with Spring Spheres. Although this will help students to enjoy the very educational Music of the Spheres, I wonder how schools can get away with disguising harmful high cholesterol eggs as something else. Sure, these weren't real eggs – just plastic things filled with also disgustingly fattening jellybeans – but the principle remains the same. It's deceptive packaging and the FDA should get on the case. The Spring Spheres would almost certainly be banned at the enlightened  Little Village Academy on Chicago’s West Side, but so in all likelihood would homemade deviled eggs spheres.

Could these things be related to the Easter Bunny, er  Killer Rabbit, attack on Former President Carter?

Shades of Christmas Winter Solstice Past! Oh, and have a very non PC Happy Easter.