'Hate Speech': the Left’s Term for 'Opposing Viewpoints'

And now the MSA and its co-signees have proudly joined in the quest to silence Ali. To them, her life’s work of defending helpless young women against an ideology of systematic oppression constitutes “hate speech,” and it cannot be discussed. They offer a number of laughably inaccurate reasons why.

Perhaps the most egregious is the supremely arrogant assessment that a woman with Ms. Ali’s extensive experience and acclaimed erudition “does not hold the credentials” to discuss the religion in which she was raised and abused, and which she has studied throughout her life.

There’s also the assertion that Ali commits a “radical inaccuracy” by daring to suggest that the West is engaged in a “clash of civilizations” with Islam. Never mind that prominent clerics like Farook al-Mohammedi often publicly plan the total subjugation of America — don’t call it a “clash of civilizations.” That’s hate speech.