Has the President Lost His Bearings?

Barack Obama holds, I think, the distinction of having been the presidential candidate with the highest self-esteem of any in American history. There was that moment in July 2008, when Lara Logan of CBS asked candidate Obama whether he ever had any doubts concerning his utter lack of foreign policy experience. The beyond-audacious candidate gave the one-word answer “Never.” An answer that pretty much says it all about this president’s inability to gauge reality.

Here we are less than two years into a presidency which appears more and more by the day as though it were some cosmic cruel joke. Americans are learning the hard way that political indoctrination parades as education, with grave national peril as its handmaid. An Ivy League degree ain’t what it used to be, in other words. At the very least, one would think that higher education ought to impart some sense of reality, some ability to prioritize problems, some idea how the real world works. If Barack Obama is any example, then one would need to conclude that the Ivies are long overdue for a bubble-burst, too.

This president loves the word “empathy,” yet he doesn’t give even the slightest indication that he’s ever had any of his own off-teleprompter. When pushed to the wall last weekend by his own base voters, when told by his pal, Spike Lee, to just “go off,” the president dodged into the very last refuge of incompetent cowards throughout history: profanity. Using the A-word on a morning broadcast -- when the kiddies are watching -- was as unpresidential as it was contrived. More evidence that something vital is missing from Obama’s bearings.

When I see a president with enough leisure time on his hands to party (not on his own dime, lest we forget) chime in on a baseball umpire’s call, and never miss a beat on the Democrat fundraising circuit or a chance to shave one more point from his golf score while crises explode unfettered from here to kingdom come, I see a president so out of touch with reality that it would take a complete nitwit not to assume the man has simply lost all his bearings. Flipped out. Gone ‘round the bend. Is so out to lunch that he doesn’t even have the good sense to pretend he’s hard at work so as to quell the public’s growing-more-frantic-by-the-day concern.

And when all is said and done, I shall always remember the Hey Jude sing-along as the most clarifying image of the whole unseemly mess we refer to as the Obama presidency. He’s done. Some will call this a premature judgment, I’m certain. But the sad truth is that this handwriting has been on the wall ever since Barack Obama, the not-even-through-his-first-term senator, announced his candidacy with a resume containing little more of substance than a memorable speech from 2004.

Experience? I don’t need no stinkin’ experience. I’m me.

Hopefully, the next time a charismatic candidate makes such vainglorious claims, the public will be healthily weary, vigilantly skeptical, and not in a false-god worshiping mood.