Has Obama Already Dumped Eastern European Missile Defense?

Barack Obama, that’s who. Obama gave the back of his hand to Eastern Europe’s pleas a month ago, and now Polish sources are reporting he has already sold them out to the Russians. They quote Riki Ellison, chairman of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, a Washington-based lobby group, who “took part last week in an industry conference on missile defense where the Pentagon talked about its plans to defense industry executives.” He learned about American plans to install interceptor missiles on ships rather than on land, and, perhaps, on Turkish bases.

They quote an anonymous but “credible” source in Congress as stating: “The administration has been sounding out for a couple of weeks now how the Congress will react when the plans for building the missile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic are dumped.”

Why? Ellison thinks that “Obama's people believe that many global problems will be more easily solved together with Moscow.” In particular, nuclear disarmament. Ellison says that Obama will “sacrifice a lot” to get it. You know, the way Czechoslovakia was “sacrificed” to a certain mustachioed German house painter several decades ago.

Is Barack Obama going to become America’s Chamberlain? Is he going to ignore the horrific spate of obviously political murders the Kremlin has been committing ever since Putin arrived? The invasion of Georgia? The relentless anti-American rhetoric? The nuclear bombers buzzing Alaska with metronomic regularity?

Is he going to eliminate nuclear deterrence in Europe and leave its eastern regions helplessly vulnerable to Russian tanks, just as Georgia was left vulnerable?

It seems so. As blindly as Chamberlain, Obama appears to believe that our foes can be appeased into becoming friends and that we can rightly sacrifice smaller nations to our noble vision.

There was a time, before the original Cold War began raging and tormenting generations with its horrors, that the Russian economy was also backwards and vulnerable. Then as now, Democratic leaders (at the infamous Yalta Conference) allowed the Kremlin to consolidate and rebuild, rather than inducing them to reform and defang. For decades, we paid the price for that misguided leadership. Do we remember history, or are we doomed to repeat it?