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Harry Reid Calls for an End to Legal Prostitution in Nevada

What amazes me more than the arguments for and against prostitution is the absurdity of Senator Reid’s particular argument. Reid told a group of legislators that a recent meeting with some  businessmen in the tech field elicited a complaint that the county where the firms were looking to relocate allowed prostitution.

What? Does anyone seriously believe that there are businessmen in the technology business who would be horrified to open up shop in a county that has brothels? Please: will the social conservatives running businesses in the technology field please stand up, both of you? Senator Reid better learn real quick about this thing called an “excuse” -- a lie that you make up because you are reluctant to tell someone the real reason that you do not want to set up shop in Storey County.

What always causes me to shake my head in disbelief is how strongly the Democratic Party imagines Republicans as a bunch of Puritans about to sew scarlet letters on the clothes of today’s Hester Prynnes. I can see a legitimate argument about whether prostitution should be legal. What I can’t see is why one of the most prominent leaders of the Democratic Party is making this argument -- and making it on such astonishingly moralistic grounds. What next? Are we going to see Senator Reid arguing against same-sex marriage? At least from a Republican leader, it would be consistent with a certain traditional view of morality and law. Coming from the leader of the “If it feels good, do it” party, I feel like someone needs to require Senator Reid to sew a big red H on his coat -- for Hypocrite.