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Harold Ford: The Obama Admin Should Consider Shutting Obamacare Down

Is this the beginning of something? Former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford (TN) appeared on Morning Joe today and said that the problems with the Healthcare.gov website are just the beginning (which most people have already realized). He cites the coming shortage of doctors as one of the next major problems facing Obamacare.

"The fundamental problem now is what happens with Democrats in the House and the Senate who are up for re-election, and how they have to respond and behave around this," Ford said. "The website problems I thought, a week or two ago, were more isolated than they are. I happen to think it could be a more systemic challenge. And there may need to be a greater honesty -- not an honesty, I'm not saying that people aren't being honest -- but a greater acceptance that they may have to step back and shut the whole thing down."

When Ford said that, host Mika Brzezinski loudly sighed.

"I was with a big investor yesterday who said, you know, the next big challenge he believes for this, is that he believes there's not enough doctors in the system," Ford said, "so you get to 30 million people signed up. We don't have enough physicians to accommodate the flood of people who want to have health insurance. So, I hope they're thinking through all of these things." Ford added that there are "more systemic challenges" facing Obamacare even after the website eventually gets fixed.