'Victory' Over Obama? Hannity Shows How It Can Be Done

Sean Hannity isn’t the most incendiary conservative talker on the radio dial. That honor goes to Michael Savage, with Mark Levin coming in a distant second on nights when a “lib” caller gets under his skin.

And Hannity certainly isn’t the funniest. Rush Limbaugh‘s blistering song parodies would be deemed dangerous -- in a positive way -- in elite comedy circles had they not targeted the left.

Yet few eclipse Hannity as a conservative warrior, someone whose direct, no apologies embrace of small government helped him rise to the top echelon of today’s talkers.

His latest book, Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda, is as thorough a deconstruction of the new president’s first year in office as you’re likely to find.

Few talkers are as well qualified as Hannity to beat back the arguments of our big government president.

It’s been six years since Hannity’s face last graced a book cover, but he spills the most ink documenting 2009 -- President Barack Obama’s first year in office. Political junkies won’t find many revelations here, but simply compiling evidence of Obama’s weaknesses in economic policy, defense, and international relations is captivating all the same.

And more than a tad frightening.

The first two-thirds of Conservative Victory describe Obama’s blunders in near-numbing detail.

The opening chapter, “Obama’s History of Radicalism,” is the kind of connect-the-dots reportage the media no longer feels compelled to crank out. It’s one thing to accuse the president of being a radical, a socialist, or any other potentially demeaning descriptive. But Hannity details not only the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s ties to Obama but those of his innermost circle.

Doing the work that the legacy media used to do, Hannity was one of the first to document Obama's connection to Rev. Wright, interviewing Wright for Hannity & Colmes on March 1, 2007, less than a month after Obama first announced his candidacy.

Suffice to say in his new book, Hannity's aghast at what he finds -- and what the media either ignores or covers up: it’s Wright himself who built the foundation for the president’s future actions, according to Hannity.

“This much was clear: the blueprint for Obama’s socialist agenda … could be found in the writings of his radical spiritual mentor,” he notes. We’re reminded of Wright’s greatest “hits” here, like the infamous “God [blank] America” line, but also of the black liberation theology that was the heart and soul of the reverend’s philosophy.