Hamas Riding a 'New Wind' from Egypt

Hamas is hailing the “new wind” blowing from its Egyptian neighbors, one that is strengthening the position of the terrorist group in the international arena. With bold words and actions, Hamas is celebrating the end of its international isolation and new Egyptian involvement. Says Hamas political head Khaled Meshaal, in an article for Egyptian daily Al-Ahram:

Egypt is dealing in a "new wind" with Hamas, because its responsibility now is different after the revolution. … We are looking to Egypt now, hoping that Egypt is prepared to face the Zionist danger at the strategic level.

The “new wind” is evident in Egypt’s diplomatic strategy. After brokering the reconciliation between the two major Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas, Egypt has encouraged the United States to support the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state.

The Egyptian government and Hamas are also raising diplomatic ties to a whole new level. From reporting in the English-language edition of Egypt’s most popular paper:

The Gaza government’s minister of foreign affairs and planning, Mohamed Awad, has said that the Egyptian government is looking into soon reopening its office of representation in the Strip.

There are rumors of Hamas doing the same in Egypt.

Hamas has been active on the diplomatic scene as well. The group has received over $30 million for reconstructing Gaza, pledged to continue kidnapping Israeli soldiers, and has given Israel a one-year ultimatum to accept a Palestinian state on its terms. It has also refused to ever recognize or negotiate with Israel, and has “the right to resistance” -- a euphemism for terror.

It also denounced the American assassination of Osama bin Laden. Meshaal told French news agency France 24:

Concerning bin Laden everyone knows Hamas has differences from al-Qaeda ... especially (its) operations targeting civilians, but all this doesn't give the U.S. the right to kill as they please without any regard for the law and to assassinate Arabs and Muslims, blaming everything on them and accusing them of terrorism.

As Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi put it, Egypt wants to “open a new page with all countries in the world,” Hamas’ Gaza included. Essentially, Egypt is rewarding Hamas for refusing to renounce terror and being unrepentant about its desire to destroy Israel.