'Gunwalker' Requires Special Counsel Investigation

We admittedly do not have any direct evidence of this allegation, but the circumstantial case made has proven strong enough to have few detractors and raises questions that must be answered. At the very least, the president's views toward guns was known throughout the executive branch. His administration has fostered an anti-gun atmosphere and created a hostile environment for gun owners and dealers. In that ugly petri dish, a program like Gunrunner could be born.

Far from trying to achieve solutions within the constitutional framework, the president seems intent on finding solutions via his own expansive view of executive power. As the Daily Mail reports:

The Obama administration is exploring tighter regulation on gun policy that can be secured through an executive order, bypassing congressional approval, officials have confirmed.

The potential crackdown has prompted concern among gun rights groups in the ongoing debate surrounding gun control and Second Amendment rights.

Administration officials said talk of executive orders or agency action are being considered, amidst its crossfire over regulations with a Republican-dominated House.

The Department of Justice held a meeting on Tuesday - the first in what is expected to be a series - to explore how the administration might be able to rule by decree.

Through his spokesman, President Barack Obama denies any knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious. This may be the case. But Attorney General Eric Holder’s promise that the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General would investigate Gunwalker is laughably inadequate. Having the DOJ OIG run an investigation that must by definition include an investigation of their own agency leadership is a clear conflict of interest. Therefore the OIG is not the correct party to investigate the plot that reaches “much higher” than just the acting director of the ATF, who seems poised to take the fall.

Only one other investigative body has the legislative mandate and independence to investigate this scandal.

The Office of Special Counsel is an independent federal investigative and prosecutorial agency that has the power to compel federal law enforcement agencies, their leaders, and even the White House to testify, and it can indeed bring them up on criminal charges if the charges are so warranted after an investigation. The credibility of our government depends upon the American people being able to trust our elected officials, appointed leaders, and sworn officers of the law.

Allegations being raised that executive branch agencies had such callous disregard for legal precedent and human life demand nothing less than the full attention of a special prosecutor, a process that an innocent executive branch would welcome to clear its name.