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Gunwalker: Lanny Breuer Fails to Take Pressure off Eric Holder

Grassley followed up Tuesday with documentation that seems to prove the DOJ was lying when they claimed they learned about the practice of gunwalking only after Agent Terry was killed. Justice employees were discussing gunwalking that occurred in Operation Wide Receiver as early as March of 2010.

The apparent effort to sacrifice Breuer on behalf of his boss and the White House is being greeted with skepticism by many, including Ed Morrissey of Hot Air:

Congress reacted yesterday by pointing out just how far the DOJ has come since the House decided to probe the matter. Earlier this year, Justice sent a memo to investigators claiming that allegations of gunwalking were “false.” Now we have Breuer not only admitting that it occurred, but that he knew about it more than a year before Justice’s memo to Congress. That will have some in the House looking for blood when hearings resume on Fast and Furious.

But this does something else as well; it acts as a firewall for Eric Holder and the White House, at least for the moment. Breuer’s admission contains one key component -- “regrets” for not having informed his superiors. Breuer appears ready to argue that the knowledge of gunwalking only went as high as his desk, and that Breuer never told Holder about the effort. That’s going to be difficult to believe, especially since we already know that the White House got extensively briefed on the matter directly from the Phoenix office. Are we to believe that Breuer didn’t get asked about this from above, or that the White House wouldn’t have asked Holder about an operation conducted in his own fiefdom? It seems unlikely that the buck stopped at Breuer’s desk, especially given the international implications of gunwalking across the border.

The evidence is mounting against DOJ, DHS, and the White House, and things only got worse when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that her department was not alerted to Operation Fast and Furious. This means that the Arms Export Control Act was morel than likely violated, and strongly suggests that the administration committed thousands of felony violations of the act in addition to the other laws that may have been broken.