Gunwalker: Holder Got 'At Least Five Weekly Memos'

Amid the onslaught, the administration has offered nothing in the way of accountability and only a superficial offering of change by rearranging staff within the ATF. It seems that the administration, from the White House down through the Department of Justice into the ATF, thinks it can get away with little or no real consequences for a criminal conspiracy they orchestrated. They have been blamed for providing weapons that have killed 200 or more Mexican citizens, and that have been linked to the shootings of three federal law enforcement officers -- two of whom were killed.

The New York Times, Washington Post, and Associated Press seem to be doing everything within their considerable power to minimize the crimes alleged against the administration, even as they overstate the rearranging of the deck chairs on Captain Obama's sinking ship.

There may be ten or more gunwalking operations in five states, yet the part-time acting director of the ATF -- who was also conspicuously the chairman of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee and allegedly briefed on Operation Fast and Furious, according to documents obtained by Senator Grassley -- can't seem to find them.

Perhaps being a "part-time acting director" is a do-nothing job in which he has no power, influence, or interest. Or perhaps he's covering his own hide, much like the acting DOJ inspector general who leaked information to the alleged co-conspirators she is supposed to be investigating.

If there are ten or more gunwalking operations just half the size of Operation Fast and Furious, then 12,000 weapons were supplied to criminals by our federal government -- enough to arm three U.S. Army infantry brigades. If each operation was roughly as large as Fast and Furious, we're looking at more than 20,000 weapons -- enough to equip a U.S. infantry division.

The possibilities suggest that the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, State Department, and White House committed felony crimes domestically and internationally on a nearly unimaginable scale.

The Obama administration is still defending Eric Holder:

White House press secretary Jay Carney said that Holder has been “consistent and truthful” about when he learned of the controversial tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious, which oversaw the sale of thousands of firearms to known and suspected straw buyers for Mexican drug cartels.

“The president believes he’s an excellent attorney general and has great confidence in him, and we absolutely know that the testimony he gave was consistent and truthful,” Carney told reporters at a press briefing.

What else can they say? An administration neck-deep in felony crimes isn't going to turn on one of their co-conspirators without a solid exit plan.

Between possible charges of accessory to murder, violations of international terrorism laws, felony violations of arms export laws, and possible treason, Franklin's advice to hang together to avoid hanging separately is far more literal than anyone would have ever dreamed just a week ago.