'Gunwalker' Goes Pravda: White House Unleashes MSM

The New York Times aided the administration pushback by publishing an unsigned op-ed that went to bat for the White House … by blatantly lying. They presented as truth a claim that had been thoroughly debunked -- months ago:

If Congressional Republicans are really intent on getting to the bottom of an ill-conceived sting operation along the border by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, they should call President Felipe Calderón of Mexico as an expert witness.

Mr. Calderón has the data showing that the tens of thousands of weapons seized from the Mexican drug cartels in the last four years mostly came from the United States. Three out of five of those guns were battlefield weapons that were outlawed here until the assault weapons ban was allowed to lapse in 2004. To help him stop the bloody mayhem, he is pleading with Washington to re-enact the ban and impose other needed controls.

The Times is once again trying to propagate a variant of Obama’s 90-percent lie.

Perhaps we should be encouraged: they’ve ratcheted down the deception level to a still erroneous 60 percent. The fact remains: no more than eight percent of the weapons recovered from the cartels have originated in the United States, and that figure may still be wildly inflated.

In addition to the blatant statistical falsehood, the editorial attempted to claim that the assault weapons ban that was part of the 1994 crime bill affected anything remotely like a “battlefield weapon.” The law did not ban any real military weaponry.

Not one military weapon.

Nonetheless, the Times did utter a few watered-down admonitions of the Obama administration officials who have hatched the most deadly incompetent law enforcement operation in U.S. history.

The Obama administration is lashing out through its media surrogates against those wishing to discover who was behind the potentially felonious debacle that is Gunwalker. One can only wonder what they are trying to hide, and who they are trying to protect.

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