Gunwalker Anger Goes Bipartisan: Joe Lieberman Joins Chorus

FBI Director Robert Mueller disputed the allegations of a covered-up third gun in Senate testimony earlier this month.

In what is assuredly coincidental news, Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Alan Bersin announced his departure on the same day Senator Lieberman announced his probe. Bersin had been given a recess appointment to the position by President Obama in March of 2010, an appointment that would have expired on December 31. USA Today notes:

Bersin served as Obama's border czar, a post the administration created to focus on issues related to illegal immigration and relations with Mexico in its war against drug cartels, before being elevated to head of CBP. He also previously helped coordinate law enforcement efforts at the Mexican border during the Clinton administration while he was working at the Justice Department.

Bersin had been questioned by Senator Charles Grassley on March 16 of this year to explain why his agency had let gunwalking straw purchaser Jaime Avila go after intercepting him with two WASR-10 rifles near the border in the spring or summer of 2010. Not only was he let go, they did not seize the weapons.

Two WASR-10s purchased by Avila were recovered near the scene of Border Patrol Agent Terry's death in December.

Bersin's resignation comes as a CNN report claimed Operation Fast and Furious could become Obama's Watergate, and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus promised to make the gunwalking plot and cover-up a major 2012 campaign issue.

As much as the president's defenders would like the scandal of Operation Fast and Furious to disappear, these developments ensure that we will only see more awareness rise of the operation and the hundreds of dead that resulted as the 2012 campaign season heats up.