Guns Stopped Terror: Licensed to Carry, and Maybe to Live

Glenn Reynolds famously wrote about an “army of Davids” that can take on big media from their laptops. That army and its Davids cuts both ways, of course. The Islamists undoubtedly see themselves as Davids (even though they hate the Jews) taking on the Great Satan. But the Great Satan's own citizens can be Davids taking on Big Islam when it invades our countries and our government proves impotent, or even duplicitous.

Our authorities have developed a 15-year habit of denying terrorism even when the bomb still smokes and “Allahu Akbar!” still rings in the air.

The Minnesota cop wasn't in denial.

Despite eight years of President Obama's open hatred of gun rights, more and more states have adopted some form of handgun carry law, from concealed carry requiring training and fingerprinting all the way to “constitutional carry,” in which no instruction or licensing is required at all. All 50 states issue some form of handgun carry licensing to citizens.

The odds of you or I finding ourselves in a terrorist incident remain quite small, but they are not infinitesimal -- and they seem to be growing.

We're not seeing blockbuster 9/11 attacks, but we're seeing atomized versions of that in more places, more often. If you're a terrorist of any kind, are you more or less likely to attack where you believe you will face fire from angry, ordinary Americans?

Our government's bad habit of denying terrorism isn't going away. That is getting worse. It's time for more Americans to arm up, train up, and keep our heads on a swivel.