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Gun Owners: What are you Compensating for?

We've all heard it before, guys who carry guns have small penises or some variation of that. I have always laughed at that notion--usually said by people who have no clue or who are afraid of personal responsibility of any type. I am reading a book called The Cornered Cat: A Woman's Guide to Concealed Carry which is, as the name indicates a book for women who want to carry guns for self-defense. The author, Kathy Jackson, is rather humorous and discusses the common accusation that "Gun owners are compensating for something. Usually said with an evil grin and a you-know-what-I mean kind of chuckle."

Jackson admits that it is absolutely true; she is compensating for something. In fact, she is compensating for a number of things: For her kids who are too small to defend themselves, for being a sedentary middle-aged woman, for wanting a decent back-up plan if luck doesn't work, and for not "wanting to be the dead victim of the next murder the local police will be investigating after it happens."

If you believe in gun rights, what are you compensating for?